Social Sam

It’s all about the likes for Social Sam, his main focus on the internet is social media and growing his audience. It comes at a cost to his privacy, but it not a big concern. Social media heavy hitters understand the risks and benefits and have decided to go all in! As long as Sam abides by the terms and agreements he signed, he should be good to go.

Another version of Social Sam is someone who lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and the rest. This type of Social Sam is glued to his or her cell phone 24/7 and get’s the shakes if separated from their cell phone, tablet or laptop, and will go to great lengths to remain connected socially and interacting with a cloud of friends and family.

If either type sounds like you then…

You’re all set!

Really, you’re all set, there’s nothing that you need to do to tweak your privacy. You can go through the motions of using a VPN, or a more secure web browser, but to be honest it won’t help protect your privacy. Although secure browsers and VPNs and help secure financial transaction and other sensitive transactions, the privacy blackhole is social media, and Facebook is the worst offender on the internet. If you use Facebook your privacy rating wide open for the world to see.

Most folks aren’t willing to give up Facebook in particular, but that’s a personal choice that you have to make.