Privacy Essentials

How you decide to network is more than just joining a couple of social media websites that everyone else is using, that’s an element of it, but there’s more to it whether you know it or not.

You Have 3 Choices

One to One Services

One to one networking is as the name implies, you connecting to another person. Examples are calling someone, sending a text message, an email, or a Facebook Messenger message. Some are more personal and direct that are of little security concern for most, others use platforms like Facebook that can and do collect data on every time you login and use their services.

One to Many Social Media

Again, one to many is a term that is pretty simple and straightforward, it is when one person communicates with many people at once. If you’ve ever posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve used a form of “One To Many” networking. Unbeknownst to most that use social media is the data being collected on you every time you login and interact with your inner circle of friends and family. What you say and who you say it to is captured and analyzed by AI systems, and your digital profile is you in a digital format.

Privacy / Secure Communications

This category is more complicated than just defining it as One to One or One to Many, as having private or secure means and channels of communications is less what platform you decide to use, and much more the steps you have taken to protect your privacy and secure how you communicate.

So now what?

If you don’t care about internet privacy or who is collecting your personal data or why, then by all means… stay on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and keep posting away! I’m not here to scare you or even to try and influence your choices, I’m here to help those that are concerned for whatever reasons.

There are different degrees of privacy concerned users, so to make it a little less cold and sterile I’ve decided to break it down into groups that I will associate with a character.

Let’s meet the gang!

Social Sam

Social Sam really isn’t too concerned about Big Tech. Sam is interested in connecting to as many people as possible on the internet, and can’t get enough followers or likes on his social media platform of choice.

Learn more about Social Sam

Cautious Carmen

I’m for online safety

Cautious Carmen loves staying connected to her friends and followers online, but does want to minimize how much data is collected and is willing to take the time and effort to take control of her digital profile.

Privacy Pete

I value privacy

Privacy Pete takes his digital footprint very seriously, and is willing to do the hard work of tamping down his privacy settings, but also to disconnect himself from services that sell his identity to online merchants or the government. He’s not ready to go totally off the digital grid, but he is a committed privacy hero!

Hacker Hank

I got skills

Hacker Hank is a computer guru, and takes every precaution he can to stay virtually off the digital grid. He knows how the internet works, watches all the latest videos that explain the dangers of Big Tech and censorship, writes code and trades in crypto currency.

Off the Grid Olga

I like a subtle footprint

Off the Grid Olga is off the grid! She owns a De-Googled phone, uses secure VPN on all of her devices, has no Google profile, and only uses online service that allow for complete anonymity. Life is not as connected or easy as with her human friends, but with a little effort and a small degree of sacrifice she has achieved the digital footprint of a ghost!

Anonymous Guy

Catch me if you can

Anonymous Guy is on the dark web. He has specialized equipment and software that ensures that he has no digital presence that can be detected. His IP bounces around the planet under the radar and he is so stealth that the alphabet agencies of governments around the world are trying to figure out who he is and what he’s up to.