First Shot Over The Bow

New to blockchain? Me too!

Is it just me or do you see the same thing going on as when you first started looking into Linux? For me, it is exactly the same in that I’m looking at something that I love the idea of, but get floored with how how dissimilar it is with what I am used to.

Example: If you tried the Linux OS way back when you had to manually install everything (printers, drivers, etc.), Linux was just too much of a hassle (or learning curve), for an average user to “make the switch” from evil Windows to the peoples OS of Linux.

Isn’t it the same with “blockchain”?

We’re used to banks, Visa, Mastercard. etc. and all of the sudden we’re dealing with “wallets” of cryptocurrency that aren’t very simple to connect to our bank accounts, let alone “use” when we want to buy things.

The good news is that they are working on closing that gap, and the bad news is that “geeks” are still ruling the roost and their dedication to “systemic purity” is winning over simplifying using social media alternatives like Minds and Steemit over the status quo like Facebook.

Hopefully, a non-geek in a position of directing the development of said decentralized technology websites read obscure blogs like this and realize the potential in improving the “feel” of using their products, while maintaining the geek speak standards that separates blockchain from traditional social media.

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