About EchoCQ

EchoCQ is a blog for operators, internet bloggers, hackers and every and anyone interested in communicating over the internet using the best practices available to secure identity while getting the word out to an audience.

Here you'll find information on how to clandestinely communicate with technical and non-technical forms of contact and communications. Basically, it is old-school Special Forces communications techniques for the masses.

But before you go any further, let me briefly address the topic of sources and methods:

Sources & Methods

Sources & Methods (SM) is something you've probably heard in the news when referencing classified information, and it is a technical term that just means that the person(s) identity and their methods (how he or she obtained whatever it is that they are talking about) has produced a certain item of information. Think about it like this...

In the real world sources & methods speak to a person who does things with a concealed identity, and is engaging in activities that are secretive for a variety of reasons. When you reveal either or both, it can compromise ongoing intelligence operations, therefore as a general rule revealing sources & methods should always be avoided; unless you fancy orange jumpsuits.