Radio Speak: CQ

What does the CQ in EchoCQ really mean? Watch this video to learn more:

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Freedom of Speech

"Use it or lose it" seems to be the best way to describe our state of affairs these days, and if we don't use it... well, the Masters of the Universe (Google, Facebook, Twitter) are working very hard and investing massive resources in ensuring that you will indeed lose your right to free speech.

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Blockchain Social Media

Simply put, blockchain social media is the cure for the massive campaign to suppress free speech is known as "blockchain" technology. Most associate blockchain with crypto currency (e.g Bitcoin), but the applications for this emerging technology goes far beyond financial applications.

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The Bottom Line

This Blog is essentially an essay on countering ongoing efforts in the U.S. and internationally to suppress free speech. In the United States of America it is a Constitutional right that is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, but is also recognized the world over as a basic and fundamental human right.

Establishing yourself now, before the doors close, is absolutely essential for anyone who wishes to exercise their right to free speech, and this website's goal is just that... a platform created to share the knowledge, tools and network access to what you'll need when Big Tech takes it to the next level.

Designed and written by an Ex-Special Forces Communications Operator, the material contained herein has been carefully selected to impart the information necessary to ensure that the signal of free speech does not disappear into the hands of ideologues interested in controlling what you are "allowed" to see and read.


Next Steps...

Are ready to join the Resistance? Leave your guns in your gun safe, as this is neither the time or place to take that level of action; and we hope and pray that it never will come to that. But if your ready to organize with fellow citizens and get involved by getting your communications plan in order, and then getting together with other like minded patriots to keeping the voice of freedom alive and well; then what are you waiting for, take that first step and just do it!