Current Status

The election is over, and the nation is divided and angry. Our system of checks and balances have let us down, our Constitution is under assault, and patriotic Americans who love this country are looking for leadership, guidance, help, assurances and hope for the future of this once great nation.

EchoCQ is shifting gears and will be dedicated to helping people find each other in the wake of the tsunami of censorship and digital presences being cancelled. I will provide links to resources that are friendly to free speech and a forum for you all to set up as you wish and communicate freely without censorship or interference.

Unfortunately we also have to be on the lookout for persons or groups of persons posing as one of us, but acting in ways and saying things that are inconsistent for the ethical and moral underpinnings of a true American patriot. If you suspect the aforementioned “trolls” are amongst us just let me know and I will deal with the treat on a case by case basis. Right now we are good to go as I have done a complete reset and the website is empty; In other words, we have an opportunity for a fresh start where you build this community into something that works for you.

For now all you have to do is sign up and login to access everything on the website, but as the need grows you’ll be able set up groups and I will assign leaders who can setup their own unique webspace within the EchoCQ domain.


Peter Lounsbury (aka Echo)