You are the resistance!

Stay tuned for updates on where this election is really going. Forget the mainstream media as THEY ARE LYING TO YOU, GASLIGHTING YOU AND TRYING TO BRAINWASH YOU!

I will be blogging about the most recent and relevant updates regarding the recount and election results in the “Get Smart” section, so check it out and stay informed!

I am NOT an attorney, but I am well versed on how our government works and will share with you my insights and opinions regarding where we are and where I believe this is going.

Get Smart

The Build Back Better Plan

Election Fraud Document Store on Google Docs

Download everything you can before they disappear: Official Voter Fraud – 2020 – Google Docs

Hammer and Scorecard 101

General McInerney on Steve Bannon Project Hammer and Scorecard

JUDGE JEANINE: Interview with Sidney Powell – Dominion Voter Fraud Evidence

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